“Live Barrier Free”

The Mission of Arizona Housing for the Disabled is to promote greater personal independence and enhance the lives of persons with disabilities, by creating a more accessible and safer living environment.

Our Vision is committed to solving problems plaguing the disabled by offering people with disabilities and mobility impairment greater personal independence through accessible housing and durable medical equipment. We enhance the lives of people with disabilities by expanding access to their living area while also creating a safer living environment for the disabled person and those who may care for them.

It is easy for able-bodied people to take for granted the ease with which they go about their daily lives, but for those people living with accessibility or mobility limitations, simple functions such as bathing, dressing and existing their home may be more than they are able to overcome. AHD is committed to helping people with disabilities overcome these obstacles. Through partnerships with organizations and advocates for disabled people, together we can solve problems.

How can AHD help?

AHD has been helping disabled persons achieve increased independence by furnishing and installing custom accessibility modifications and durable medical equipment within the home. We pride ourselves in offering superior customer service by establishing our client needs, and working together to solve their problems as our ultimate goal.

Personal Service Guarantee

Every person is a unique individual with different abilities and needs. AHD designs solutions based upon each person’s specific requirements and fits those to meet within their budget. By offering a variety of options to solve problems, AHD gives the individual; the power to decide which choice best suits their needs.


AHD has been solving problems for disabled people for nearly ten years. Our staff maintains relationships with both State agencies and non-profit organizations in an ongoing effort to help as many people as we can “Live Barrier Free”


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Arizona Housing for the Disabled